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Directed by David Lowell Rich
Starring: Darren McGavin, Fritz Weaver, Brian Kelly
Genres: Drama, Spies, Thriller, TV Pilot
95 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

The press release for the TV movie Berlin Affair described how "an employee of a sophisticated international murder-for-hire syndicate is assigned to hunt down..." Fill in the blank. Is it (a) his wife, (b) his best friend, or (c) a good chili restaurant? If you answered "b", then you can fill in the rest of this predictable spy caper. Before murderer-for-hire Darren McGavin can finish his mission, he is drugged and beaten up by the bad guys, and romanced by pretty Pascale Petit. Also featured in Berlin Affair are Fritz Weaver, Claude Dauphin, and Berlin Itself. The film bears no relation to the 1985 theatrical espionager of the same name.

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