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Directed by Walter Grauman
Starring: Ken Howard, Gary Lockwood, Tim O'Connor
Genres: Crime, Drama, Period Pieces, TV Pilot, Heist
72 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

This pilot for a 1974-75 CBS TV series focuses on an ex-Marine who returns to Depression-era America to find his gangster sister. "Ken (White Shadow) Howard plays David Barrett, a Marine veteran returning home from World War I to his family’s small farm in the midst of the Great Depression, in what looks like it’s supposed to be Kansas. The family and the farm have fallen on hard times in David’s absence. Their farming equipment has broken down, with no money to pay for new parts, they can’t sell their crops, and have been reduced to burning corn cobs in the potbelly stove instead of coal. His former sweetheart Susan (Mary Cross) is now happily married to the town’s sheriff and is a mother of two. She also works at the small bank located in David’s hometown. Accompanied by his faithful dog Buck, David visits Susan at the bank to try and secure a loan for the farm, suddenly in walks the Fedora-wearing, Tommy-Gun brandishing, Frank Clinger Gang. The notorious bank robbers are led by snarling Frank Clinger (Gary Lockwood) and his sister Ann Louise (Stefanie Powers), obvious surrogates for Bonnie & Clyde. To make the couple a tad different the movie makes them bother and sister, as opposed to lovers, however they act like lovers. With Ann Louise’s whiny-loser husband Walt (James Olson) a member of the gang, forced to accept sloppy seconds. “Manhunter” was a nasty piece of work, and refreshing for TV, a movie that had the integrity of its own brutality." --Quentin Tarantino 

Note: This DVD comes with non-removable foreign subtitles.

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