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AKA "Battle of the Network Stars II"

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Directed by Chet Forte
Starring: Howard Cosell, Gabe Kaplan, Penny Marshall
Genres: Hollywood, Sports, TV Special
88 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

"Battle of the Network Stars" was a series of competitions in which television stars from ABC, CBS, and NBC would compete in various sporting events blending athleticism with hilarious antics. This second edition aired under the title "Challenge of the Network Stars" on February 28th, 1977 and was hosted by  Howard Cosell, Gabe Kaplan, and OJ Simpson. Competing stars included Levar Burton, Richard Hatch, Ron Howard, Hal Linden, Kristy McNichol, Penny Marshall, Telly Savalas, Sonny Bono, Linda Lavin, Lee Meriwhether, Rob Reiner, Loretta Swit, Marcia Wallace, Robert Conrad, Lynda Day George, Kurt Russell, Jane Seymour, and many many more.

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