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Directed by Peter Hyams
Starring: Richard Boone, Michael Dunn, Barbara Bain
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Period Pieces
74 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

A made-for-TV mystery, Goodnight, My Love is bolstered by a top-flight cast and a clever script. The plot revolves around a pair of down-and-out detectives: tall and disheveled Richard Boone, and short and immaculate Michael Dunn. Boone and Dunn are hired by icy blonde Barbara Bain to locate her missing fiance, but it's clear that she isn't telling them the whole story. The two gumshoes tangle with gangsters, racetrack touts and a sinister Maltese Falcon style fat man (Victor Buono) before learning the whole story behind the disappearance. Goodnight, My Love is filled with the many little vignettes that separate a fair mystery from a truly good one--including the unexpected killing off of a major character, a moment that manages to be both chilling and amusing.

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