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Directed by Norman Panama
Starring: Karen Valentine, John Davidson, Louise Lasser, Lou Jacobi
Genres: Camp Kitsch, Comedy, In Flight
74 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

A dirty joke that became a "clean" TV movie, Coffee, Tea or Me? stars Karen Valentine, cast to type as a perky stewardess. In a chaste variation of The Captain's Paradise, Valentine finds herself married to two different men in two different countries. Since the men are played by John Davidson and Michael Anderson Jr., each in his own way as cute as Valentine, the girl's dilemma is profound. Until its cop-out ending, Coffee Tea or Me glides through its risque situations with class and finesse. The film was directed by Norman Panama, who earlier had been responsible (in collaboration with Melvin Frank) for such comedies as Danny Kaye's The Court Jester and the film version of the Broadway musical Li'l Abner.

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