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Directed by Richard Michaels
Starring: John Ritter, Carrie Fisher, Buddy Ebsen
Genres: Drama, Romance
97 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

At the height of his Three's Company popularity, John Ritter accepted an intensely dramatic role in the made-for-TV Leave Yesterday Behind. The carefree life of college athlete and veterinary student Paul Stallings (John Ritter) is grotesquely altered when he is paralyzed in an accident during a polo match. Attractive horse trainer Marny Clarkson (Carrie Fisher) tries her best to lift Paul out of his funk after his tragic mishap, and in so doing falls in love with him, leaving her fiance (Robert Urich) in the lurch. Some much-needed laughs are provided by Carmen Zapata as Paul's Mexican housekeeper, while Buddy Ebsen as the hero's country-doctor grandfather dispense his usual crusty sagacity. Leave Yesterday Behind was first offered by ABC on May 14, 1978.

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