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Directed by Delbert Mann
Starring: Patty Duke, David McCallum, Dorothy McGuire
Genres: Horror, Supernatural
71 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

(new transfer, April 2024) She Waits, directed by Delbert Mann, an above average, frightening made-for-TV horror film tells the very familiar story of a young couple who move into a old house only to find out that they are being haunted by the ghost of the man's ex-wife, who gradually takes possession of the young wife. Laura (Patty Duke) must fight for her life and her happy marriage to Mark (David McCallum) despite great odds and family secrets. There is nothing new or different about this story, but the veteran casts including Beulah Bondi, Lew Ayres and Dorothy McGuire all give good performances in this good, plausible horror film which covers very old territory with skill and energy.

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