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PETROCELLI (TV) [2-disc] (1974 USA)

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Directed by various
Starring: Barry Newman, Susan Howard, Albert Salmi
Genres: Crime, Drama, Episodic
176 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Tony Petrocelli is an Italian-American Harvard-educated lawyer who gave up the big money and frenetic pace of major-metropolitan life to practice in a sleepy city in the American Southwest. He and wife Maggie live in a trailer in the country while waiting for their new house to be built, and travel around in a beat-up old pickup truck. For a quiet rural area, Petrocelli seems to have no trouble running into his share of murderers to defend. Special guest stars William Shatner, Harrison Ford, Joseph Campanella, and Britt Leach. Includes the following 4 one-hour episodes: "The Golden Cage" (original air date: September 11th, 1974), "Music To Die By" (original air date: September 18th, 1974), "Edge of Evil" (original air date: October 2nd, 1974), "The Double Negative" (original air date: October 30th, 1974)

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