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AKA "La morte non ha sesso"

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Directed by Massimo Dallamano
Starring: John Mills, Luciana Paluzzi, Robert Hoffmann
Genres: Crime, Giallo, Italian, Thriller
85 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Hamburg cop, Franz Bulon (John Mills) is trying to bring down a major drug syndicate in the city. However every time he gets close to a potential informant, the said person has a nasty knack of turning up dead. Bulon's superiors are concerned that his mind doesn't seem to be on the job, which is why he is being thwarted at every turn. And to a degree they're right – because Bulon is so preoccupied with keeping tabs on his wife Lisa (Luciana Paluzzi) that he isn't keeping on top of the rest of his work. He suspects that she is having an affair, and is plagued by thoughts of her with other men. When Bulon eventually tracks down Alex (Robert Hoffman), the assassin that has been picking off his informants, he decides not to charge him but instead hires him kill his wife… A giallo thriller which tips its hat to the hard-boiled film noirs of the 40's and 50's, A Black Veil For Lisa is a perfectly watchable film throughout. 

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