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AKA "LSD - Inferno per pochi dollari"

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Directed by Massimo Mida
Starring: Guy Madison, Franca Polesello, Mario Valgoi
Genres: Drugs, Italian, Spies
85 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Fun spy film starring Guy Madison as a secret agent out to stop an undercover organization who is smuggling LSD as part of an evil plan! The best line in the film is spoken by the villain, Mister X, as he describes his international crime syndicate: "We're a secret organization with a strange name: ECHO." With Franca Polesello, Mario Valgoi, Lucio De Santis Adriano Micantoni and Lucia Modugno, the film also boasts an excellent soundtrack by Egisto Macchi. There's plenty of catchy tunes and thrilling motifs for spy music fans that easily outclass the trippy visuals.

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