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AKA "The Dead One in the Thames River"

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Directed by Harald Philipp
Starring: Uschi Glas, Hansjörg Felmy, Werner Peters, Harry Riebauer
Genres: Crime, Giallo, Mystery, Based On Book, Cops, Thriller, German
89 minutes | Widescreen | Color | German with English Subtitles

The crime novels of Edgar Wallace have enjoyed enormous popularity in Germany. Angels of Terror starring Uschi Glas marks approximately the 30th time his novels have had a German screen adaptation. Sir John (Siegfried Schuerenberg) and Inspector Craig (Hansjoerg Felmy) of Scotland Yard travel all over the city of London in their attempt to unravel the evidence needed to put a big drug-smuggling organization out of business. There are certainly enough corpses to provide clues, as the gang they are pursuing is unusually desperate and ruthless.

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