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AKA "Avenger X"

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Directed by Piero Vivarelli
Starring: Pier Paolo Capponi, Renato Baldini, Armando Calvo
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Italian, Spanish, Spies, Based On Comic
88 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English

Mister X, a mysterious thief and master of disguise and his ever lovely cohort, who steal more for the thrill than the having, are brought out of retirement to clear Mister X's name. A evil crime lord has killed his girlfriend (who knew too much) and has pinned the rap on Mister X. Mister X becomes Avenger X as he takes on the crime syndicate. This film fits in nicely to the Euro spy/crime thriller genre typified by movies like Danger: Diabolik, Modesty Blaise and Operation: Kid Brother. Featuring a wonderful soundtrack like so many of the psychedelic thrillers of the period.

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