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Directed by George McCowan
Starring: Ryan O'Neal, Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Haskell, Henry Jones
Genres: Drama, Fashion, Romance
71 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Seldom has a TV-movie title been more appropriate than Love Hate Love. Ryan O'Neal, Lesley Ann Warren and Peter Haskell comprise the three points of an unfortunate love triangle. Ms. Warren is a fashion model engaged to engineer O'Neal; she falls in love on a whim with charismatic playboy Haskell. Unfortunately, Haskell is off in the coop, given to sudden, unexplained spurts of hatred and violence. When Warren tumbles to this and leaves for California with O'Neal, Haskell utilizes his seemingly unlimited transportation resource to stalk the couple. He's careful to stay within the law, but any moment...he'll...SNAP! Eric Ambler wrote the original story upon which the satisfactorily suspenseful Love Hate Love is based.

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