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Directed by Robert Scheerer
Starring: Suzanne Somers, Bruce Boxleitner, Eric Braeden
Genres: Music, Romance, Drama
90 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Capitalizing on her sudden Three's Company-engendered superstardom, Suzanne Somers topped the cast of this innocuous made-for-TV comedy. Somers is cast as Mattie, a backwoods girl with big-city ambitions. Mattie is in love with fellow mountaineer Jack (Bruce Boxleitner), but she also craves stardom as a country-western singer. Things come to a head when Mattie is given her big showbiz chance in Las Vegas. In the course of things, Somers belts out a duet with co-star John Rubinstein, "You Made a Believer Out of Me." Happily Ever After first aired September 5, 1978.

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