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Directed by Jerry Jameson
Starring: David Janssen, Donna Mills, Van Johnson, Tom Selleck
Genres: Crime, Drama, Sports
100 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

An upcoming Super Bowl provides the framework for this suspenseful thriller set in New Orleans. The trouble begins when a murderous stalker begins threatening assorted lovers, gamblers, and con artists who typically surround the big game. It seems that the syndicate doesn't want the highly favored Cougars to win. They tried to get the teams trainer to drug or incapacitate some players, and when he refuses he is killed. So, the team's manager has to try and find out who the killer is, before he does some real damage. Featuring a roster fill of familiar TV faces including David Janssen, Edie Adams, Clifton Davis, Donna Mills, Ed Nelson, Tom Selleck, and many many more!

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