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Directed by Michael Miller
Starring: Yvette Mimieux, Royce D. Applegate, Beverly Hope Atkinson
Genres: Drama, Road Trip, Thriller
94 minutes | Full Screen | Color | English

Dinah Hunter (Yvette Mimieux) is a Los Angeles advertising executive who stumbles into a waking nightmare during a road trip from L.A. to New York when she's terrorized by two hitchhickers who steal her car. Then, she ends up in smalltown jail by a corrupt sheriff who hates outsiders. When her jailer tries to rape her in the holding cell, she kills him, escapes and becomes a fugitive in which she ends up back on the road with one of her hitchihker tormenters who could prove her innocence. This made-for-tv movie is a sequel to the 1976 feature film Jackson County Jail.

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