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Directed by Richard Irving
Starring: Gene Barry, John Saxon, Senta Berger
Genres: Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Spies, Thriller, TV Pilot
91 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Calling this a by-the-numbers spy thriller does this movie no disservice since numbers are crucial to the complicated plot. On the one hand it’s quite a simple set up. Suave high-living art-dealer-cum-spy Michael London (Gene Barry) travels from Paris to Istanbul on the Orient Express to bid for secret papers in a secret auction. The complication: he must pick up the auction money from a bank in Istanbul using a code given to him along the way, each number by a different unknown person. On his side are train security chief Cheval (John Saxon), investigative journalist Leland McCord (Tom Simcox) and colleague Peggy (Mary Ann Mobley). Out to get him are Mila Darvos (Senta Berger) and Dr Lenz (Werner Peters). The original teleplay was penned by future Columbo creators Richard Levinson & William Link.

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