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Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
Starring: Marc Strange, Jackie Cooper, John Forsythe
Genres: Action, Based On Book, Counter-culture, Drama, Sci-Fi, Spies, TV Pilot
99 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Adapted from the 1935 Sinclair Lewis novel It Can't Happen Here by Nedrick Young, Shadow on the Land is perhaps one of the strangest, longest-forgotten TV projects ever launched. The grim, Twilight Zone-like premise: the U.S. is ruled by a dictatorship, and has been for decades more than anyone realizes, backed by the Federal bureaucracy and their Gestapo-like ISF, the Internal Security Forces. The nation’s churches have been cowed or intimidated into submission. A small band of freedom fighters emerges within law enforcement and government, and their never-ending secret struggle of sabotage against their own agencies is the plot of this rare TV pilot that was never to be. Marc Strange, Jackie Cooper, John Forsythe make up the cast alongside Gene Hackman, Carol Lynley, and Janice Rule.

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