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AKA "L'homme de Marrakech, The Man From Marrakesh"

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Directed by Jacques Deray
Starring: George Hamilton, Claudine Auger, Alberto de Mendoza
Genres: Adventure, Based On Book, Crime, French, Heist, Italian, Spanish, Thriller
86 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English subtitles

In this crime drama, a gang of thieves steal an armored van carrying a gold shipment in the Moroccan desert. Though the caper is successful, the gang members begin fighting over the loot and two of them are killed. Three members are left and more trouble ensues when two of them (they are lovers) steal the gold and leave the other. The abandoned one swears revenge and begins to chase the two doublecrossers. When the angry crook catches up with the pair, the woman ends up betraying her lover and fleeing with him. The newly abandoned one, who decided he loved the girl more than he did the money, stays behind to nurse his broken heart. Eventually the fleeing crooks are cornered by the police and killed.

(Please note: Audio contains static)

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