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AKA "Death on a Rainy Day, Chinos y minifaldas"

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Directed by Ramón Comas
Starring: Adrian Hoven, Gérard Landry, Barth Warren
Genres: Action, Comedy, German, Italian, Spanish, Spies, Thriller
96 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English subtitles

A Kommissar X type pair of French secret agents from the Strategic Investigation Bureau investigate the death of an agent in Hong Kong who sent a bottle of perfume to Paris. The pair uncover a plot by Dr. Kung, a Fu Manchu type Chinese mastermind and his secret society of the Red Scorpion. Dr Kung seeks to start a third world war by injecting the brain of the United States Secretary of Defense with RNA that will cause him to do Dr. Kung's bidding.

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