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Directed by Walter Grauman
Starring: Karen Valentine, Ben Masters, Brian Murray
Genres: Commercials, Drama, Thriller
73 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Fashion designer Linda Dobbins (Karen Valentine) smells a rat when her salesman husband dies in a highly suspicious airplane explosion during a European business trip. To get some answers, Linda retraces her husband's sales route, only to discover that there was a lot she didn't know about her late spouse's activities. As if that revelation wasn't enough, her life is now in danger as well. Clearly inspired by the theatrical feature Charade (not to mention every other woman-in-jeopardy yarn ever filmed), the made-for-TV Illusions was first aired by CBS on January 18th, 1983. (Incidentally, if France looks a lot like Quebec in the film, there's a good reason for it). Includes broadcast TV commercials from 1986.

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