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AKA "Charlie Muffin"

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Directed by Jack Gold
Starring: David Hemmings, Sam Wanamaker, Jennie Linden
Genres: Based On Book, British, German, Spies, Thriller
110 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

David Hemmings plays Charlie Muffin, a working-class British secret agent who suffers fools and aristocrats not at all well, and as such is in constant conflict with his superiors. Unlike James Bond, Charlie bleeds when you prick him...and he cares, deeply. Britain's M16 unit reluctantly assigns Charlie the task of protecting Valery Kalenin (Pinkas Braun), head of the KGB. Kalenin is ostensibly defecting, but Charlie gloms onto the truth of the whole affair early on. He also figures out that those unseen assassins taking potshots at him are not only in the employ of the KGB, but also the M16. Originally released in 1979, Charlie Muffin did not receive widespread American exposure until its October 1983 telecast on PBS.

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