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Directed by Gene McAvoy
Starring: Mary Tyler Moore, Ben Vereen, Doug Kershaw
Genres: Music, TV Special
51 minutes | Full screen | Color | English

Of all the many variety shows and specials on network TV in the '70s, the strangest may have been Mary's Incredible Dream, a Mary Tyler Moore special that aired in 1976. Moore had already decided that the next season of her show would be the last, and was hoping to launch a variety show as her next project. And she made it clear in interviews that she saw this special -- created and written by Jack Good, who also did the Monkees' 33 1/2 Revolutions Per Monkee special -- as a test run for what a Mary Tyler Moore variety hour might be like. Glitzy, cheesy musical numbers that connect with what Moore called "a story of the eternal cycle of man." If viewers don't want to follow the story they can just enjoy the music and dancing, as Moore says to someone on the phone during the special: "I can't talk now, I'm having this incredible dream."

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