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AKA "Le stagioni del nostro amore"

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Directed by Florestano Vancini
Starring: Enrico Maria Salerno, Anouk Aimée, Jacqueline Sassard
Genres: Drama, Italian, Romance
101 minutes | Widescreen | B&W | English subtitles

Seasons of Our Love is a 1966 Italian romantic drama film directed by Florestano Vancini. Vittorio Borghi (Enrico Maria Salerno) is a middle-aged journalist torn between young mistress (Jacqueline Sassard) and a wife he no longer loves (Anouk Aimée). He returns to his hometown Mantua where he remembers childhood in the era of fascism, war and the ghost of another woman he never forgot. The film's striking 'Scope/black & white visuals by Dario Di Palma often evoke the work of Antonioni, certainly the most influential director of this mid-sixties period, but Vancini is no copycat.

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