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AKA "L'Homme orchestre"

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Directed by Serge Korber
Starring: Louis de Funès, Noëlle Adam, Olivier De Funès
Genres: Comedy, French, Italian, Music, Pop Art
85 minutes | Widescreen | Color | English subtitles (partial, see description)

Evans (Louis De Funes) stars in this situation comedy about a man in charge of a female ballet troupe. The only other man in the house is his nephew Philippe (Olivier De Funes). One of the former residents becomes pregnant, and anonymous note labels the nephew as the father. Evans seeks out the girl only to find she has another child as well. He soon gets roped into becoming a nursemaid to the squalling infant and the year old child. The part of the nephew is played by Louis' son, and the film features several songs and dances. the role of Evans is played with a more restrained manner by the popular French comic. Please note: while English subtitles are provided throughout most of the film, there are some segments where subtitles are not provided.

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